Course FAQs

Q1 Can anyone take the courses?

All people can take the courses. Who is suffering from a disease or symptom that medicine or traditional therapies fail to cure, his family, his partner; an entrepreneur, a stylist, a manager, an engineer, a doctor, a dentist, a therapist. The aim of the DOKUNO course is to guide them in an individual search, and to self-healing.


Q2 What does the costs of the courses includes?

Each module includes 16 conference hours and the manual. On the internet you can see videos of course recordings.


Q3 Are certificates issued?

The certificates of each module will be delivered at the end of each course. A diploma is also issued for each level.

Q4 By attending the online videos, can I receive the course certificate?

To obtain the certificate of the course, it is necessary that you have done the face-to-face course, and have approval in the examinations. So we decided that only by attending the videos does not enable the student to practice the DOKUNO.


Q5 Do I have to go from level 1 to level 6?

No. You can perform up to the level that interests you. Remembering only that each level has 5 modules. These 5 modules for each level, it is necessary that it be studied, otherwise it is not possible to understand the whole.

Thus, to learn DOKUNO, it is necessary to at least attend the 5 level 1 modules.

If, from the beginning, you do not intend to study the 5 level 1 modules, it is advisable not to subscribe to the course.


Q6 Can it be canceled after the registration process has been completed?

The cancellation cost will be 100%. However, it will be possible to assign the payment already made for a next seminar.


Q7 Can you only buy the recordings?

The recordings are not for sale for those who do not attend the seminars.


Q8 Is it possible to do brain reading after taking the courses?

Many people who have taken the courses have achieved results. The phenomena that even seem to be miracles, are not rare that happen among those who have learned the technique of brain reading. However, the results that can be obtained depend entirely on the efforts of the interested parties.


Q9 Can you receive treatment?

The DOKUNO is not a medical treatment. Therefore, neither diagnoses nor treatments are made. DOKUNO is a technique that tries to capture the information transmitted by the brain. However, when a person is in the passive posture of simply being treated, there is no information that is triggered from the brain. Without that information, there is no possible feedback. The main objective of the course is for the interested party to learn to read this information from the brain. We hope that after learning the course, they will be able to capture that information. However, if there is someone who wants to experience, take a session of CW Happiness Philosphy DOKUNO, it is possible to make a space for it.


Q10 After the course, will it be possible to exercise and charge for it?

The CW Happiness Philosophy DOKUNO is not a medical treatment. The main objective is to help to capture in the brain the answers that each person seeks. The necessary techniques and philosophy are learned in order to help each person find their own answers by their own means. The reason why a certification is granted, is to facilitate those who seek that help, the choice of who could guide them in that process. It is possible to charge, under the understanding that there will be a commitment to complete that guide. The price is stipulated for each level.


Q11 About the prices of international courses

The hourly price abroad is defined based on the price of Japanese Course, home country of DOKUNO Academy (USD 24.00), to which a discount (between 0% ~ 40%) is applied as an adjustment based on the socioeconomic index of each country.

And, Courses abroad needs additional expenses that do not occur in Japan; as interpreting, translation, per diem expenses, etc. Said expenses will be paid by the students, so the prices are calculated as follows: Standard price of Japan with additional discount according to the country + additional expenses generated according to the country.

Ex) United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America
Detail of the price of USD 670:
USD 384.00 of the course + USD 286.00 for additional expenses

International courses always imply higher prices, but the costs would be even more difficult to solve if the same student had to travel to Japan and hire a translator to take the courses. We try to put it to greater economic reach of all when visiting and carrying out seminars in each country.