About us

Welcome to DOKONO Shop!
This site is run by the team of C.W. DOKUNO International Academy Japan, headed by Mr. Seikou Ito.

C. W. DOKUNO International Academy has been studying for 40 years how it can solve the problems of physical, mental and life.

Any problem cannot be solved if it is left to people.

By reading the information in your brain yourself independently and actively, and following it, your life will change for the better and more and more things to be joyful.

The method to read the information in your brain yourself is " DOKUNO ".
Mr. Seito Ito has been teaching this method " DOKUNO " in Japan since 1975, and now he is expanding his activity to teach DOKUNO all over the world.

On this site, we introduce the courses of Method DOKUNO in each country, as well as originally developed teaching materials and goods.

Tickets for events in each country and goods can also be ordered from this site!
Enjoy your life!

C.W. DOKUNO International Academy Japan