Filosofía de la felicidad de CW DOKUNO

Filosofía de la felicidad de CW DOKUNO

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Incurable diseases and symptoms that do not improve with modern medicine, problems between family, problems of human relationship...

Such various difficulties encountered in living you suffer are messages that your brain says "I'm not just myself", and seeking "want to be truly".

Mr. Seikou Ito has finally achieved "human's true happiness" with his life, and he has developed the ways for him/her who wants to achieve "true happiness" by seeking the meaning and purpose of his/ her life. It's the way to read your brain's information, "DOKUNO" and "CW Happiness Philosophy". DOKUNO is neither a therapeutic technique nor a how-to.

We hope this book will be useful so that you can overcome the current situation and open the future for yourself.

Appearance: A5 size 320pages
Publisher: CW Publishing
Author: Seiko Ito
Publication date: Feb. 19, 2021